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Innovate & Win with Industry 4.0 (15 PDUs)

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* Create new business values with Industry 4.0 (AI, Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) etc. in the New Normal

Bonus – An overview of Malaysia’s National Policy for Industry 4.0, ie. Industry 4WRD is included.

* Learn and apply key IAOIP* Innovation Tools & Methods !

Increasingly intense competition in fast-changing and disruptive environment is forcing organizations to develop and innovate new services, products, processes and business models. Delivering values to your customers and enhancing customers’ satisfactions are key in the industry today. Organisations must constantly keeping themselves abreast with the latest emerging trend and best business practices just to remain in the game. Do you know how to leverage on these enabling technology to outpace your competitions with niche value proposition?


This programme educates the participants on Industry 4.0, the technology components behind, and how to leverage on Industry 4.0 for business success (from absorptive capability to innovation). It examines the ever-evolving industry landscape and how organisations and knowledge workers adapt themselves to the emerging technology advancement and rapid changes at the dawn of 4th industrial revolution.

The  tsunami of change levers and technological convergence; as well as the COVID-19 Black Swan event, have impacted the industry significantly. Fundamentals of Industry 4.0 (AI, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT)etc. and the Malaysia’s Industry 4WRD (Malaysia’s National Policy for Industry 4.0) technology pillars shall be presented to participants, with the end-in-mind of creating new business value propositions and solutions. Technology is just an enabler and a subset of the solution.  The key to new business value propositions lies in how to utilise the potpourri of technology enablers and create new values.  Case studies were included to impress learning and applications onto participants’ work environment.

Past participants' feedbacks.

"This course has really opened my eyes towards innovation & Industry4.0."

"The trainer provides very good , clear knowledge sharing with excellent interaction between trainer and students."

"Thanks for getting our brains spinning and inspired us on how to include innovation into our daily life. I gained affirmation that we are on the correct direction and now have the confidence to move forward and never give up!"

"Experienced and knowledgeable Instructor, with great personality to conduct the course successfully."

"Interactions on case-study assignment (discussions with diverse group members & idea enrichment from instructor) has improved our not so mature end-products idea into a workable innovative solution."

"The content is eye opening."   "It opens my mind to look into opportunities in innovation."

"The given examples, sharing on practice and real life experience..." 

"Let us think a lot (and deeply). The challenge & questions from the trainer triggered a lot of good insights and thoughts."

"The trainer is very good. I can relate on the content that he delivered and use in my daily work."


To move beyond today’s competitions, organisations must differentiate themselves and find new value propositions and market niche. Hence, it is ever critical for organisations to innovate for future success. This course will help participants understand the current industry trend and emerging technologies, and how to leverage these advancements of Industry 4.0 and IoT to help their organizations create the highest business value in the shortest time!

By the end of the course, participants are able to comprehend and articulate the following:

  • What is Industry 4.0 (I4) and 4th Industrial Revolution(4IR)?
  • The perfect storm that disrupts - Convergence of technology, R&D over the past 30+ years
  • Examine the Malaysia Industry4WRD 11 Technology pillars, and how you can leverage these to create values
      • Deeper dives into AI, Big Data Analytics, Internet of things (IOT), industrial internet of things (IIOT),  amongst the many Industry 4.0 components
      • Learn & Discover how IoT enhances big data and AI system and its high level architecture
      • Understand the IoT technology building blocks of embedded systems, the internet and cloud
      • Learn the fundamentals of Big Data and Analytics (structured / unstructured data, 5 Vs, visualisation)
      • Understand the data science
  • Innovation - Identify opportunity areas and create new values for your business
      • Differentiate between creativity, invention and innovation.
      • How Industry 4.0 (IoT, AI, Big Data etc) can help?
      • Define and scope the business problems (discovery & definition of wicked problem)
  • Creating new business values with Industry 4.0 (aka Innovate with Industry 4.0)
      • Introduction to Innovation Funnel
      • Combinatorial vs piece meal approach
      • Key Tools and Methodology to develop innovative solutions for the defined business problem
  • Action Plans creation - Dream Big, Start Small!  Start your journey now!
      • Turning creative Ideas into innovative solutions through tested recipe using template

* The Innovation Methodology and Tools are based on the International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP)'s Global Innovation Science Handbook. Case study shall be based on a generic manufacturing based organization today.  References to the Malaysia’s National Policy on Industry 4.0, Industry 4WRD and National IoT Strategic Roadmap (where the trainer was a committee of) shall be made.

The International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP) is the world’s only Innovation Certification Body compliant with ISO 17024 as a certifying body, and fully networked community to deliver Innovation tools and collaboration across nations, industries, governments, and academia.   Trainer is a member of the IAOIP Advisory Board.


• Engineers, ICT Specialists, Technologists, Manufacturing Professionals, Manufacturing & Process engineers , Individual contributors and knowledge talent who aspire to be an innovator
• Middle Management staffs and Decision Makers who are willing to unlearn and relearn about the changing industry innovation landscape within the realm of Industry 4.0, Big Data Analytics, IoT and 4th Industrial Revolution.


• Anyone who aspires to gain knowledge on the subject. This is not a hands-on programming course to develop IoT, AI and Big Data solutions, as implementation specific platform & solution will be provided by the vendor whom you purchase the solutions from (or open sources). However, industrial experience or knowledge of industry practices will be an added advantage.
• Knowledge on manufacturing operations and best practices will be an added advantage.

Instructor : Dr Khoh Soo Beng, PhD, SMIEE, MIEM, MIET, MIAOIP

Pricing per participant (excluding SST), Fully HRDF claimable:
* Normal: RM 1,480 per pax
* Early bird RM 1,280 per pax (register 2 weeks before the start date)
* Contact us for group pricing or in-house sessions special pricing!
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