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The Impact of COVID-19 on Supply Chains
(Complimentary, 2 PDUs)

Online Live: 12 May 2020 (Tue), 7.45 pm ~ 9.45 pm
The current COVID-19 pandemic has turned industry supply chains on their heads. This Coronavirus pandemic is an unpredictable event that has changed life as we knew it.  Now is the time to identify, evaluate and manage issues and potential RISKS that can impact your organization and its supply chain.    How about the OPPORTUNITIES?  This short talk will analyze and discuss both!
Speaker Profile:
Mr. CC Goh, Supply Chain Coach and Trainer
Mr. Goh is an experienced Coach and Trainer in Supply Chain, with vast industry experience.   He has over 28 years of working experience in senior management and manufacturing, including position held as General Manager of a U.S. semiconductor industry owned by Private Equity Firm KKR.   In addition, he is a Startup Consultant and has successfully consulted 8 multinationals manufacturing facilities set-ups from green to brown-field (from inception until factory readiness).

Mr. Goh is currently a Qualified Lecturer and Tutor with the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) U.K, and has trained and coach many organizations.  He is an executive Forum Member with a worldwide consulting group, Gerson Lehman Group. In addition, he holds an MBA in Operations Management from Charles Sturt University Australia, Diploma in Higher Accounting LCCI and 
Diploma in Business Administration AELB.

Online Perview

LTE - Is your workforce ready to innovate the next? 
(Complimentary, 2 PDUs)

Online Live: 6 May - Wednesday, 11.00am - 12.00pm

Well, it’s definitely not 5G as next. We are referring to the Low-Touch Economy (LTE), or no-touch economy. Coronavirus has successfully transformed the whole world overnight and fundamentally shifted everyone to the new normal. It has turned many industries upside down, and disrupted many economies. The road ahead is not going to be your business as usual (BAU). You need to get rid of the BAU. How? 

Innovate !  Innovate !  Innovate!  There is no better time than now.  

Innovation is imperative for any organisation or function to add values to its customers and stakeholders. Undoubtedly the capability to innovate and to bring innovation successfully to market will be a crucial determinant of the global competitiveness of organisations over the LTE and coming decade. Every organisation, large or small, mature or start-up, must continuously drive for performance improvements, profit and growth through innovation.

You probably came across the word “innovation” at your workplace, journal articles, social media, and business news. Everyone talks about it!  The internet is abuzz with it. What exactly is innovation ? How do you build the talent pool?  Join us to find out. 

Speaker Profile


He has > 28 years of experience in a wide spectrum of roles in design, manufacturing, IT, 6-Sigma, software architect, program management, and innovation in Fortune 500 MNCs based in Malaysia and abroad. His experience include real-time embedded systems, automotive Controller Area Network (CAN) bus- now known as Internet of Things (IoT), digital dashboards, knowledge management, Lean, Six Sigma methodologies & tools, product design & development, design thinking and innovation. He helped Rockwell Automation (formerly Allen Bradley) with DeviceNet design and Conformance Test Specification.