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Psychological First Aid at Workplace (2 PDUs)


Did you know that a total of 4.6% (1,000,000) of adults in Malaysia were found to suffering from depression? (The Star, 16 May 2024)

The mental health risk at workplace in Malaysia is increasing over the year, especially for work stress, anxiety and depression. According to research, Malaysian constantly suffering from workplace pressures, financial concerns, and environmental concerns.

Usually in a workplace, things start to go side way starting from work related “burnout” and age of 35 – 44years old are the high risk group. Understanding the psychological first aid at workplace can help us to detect the earlier symptoms. Once we are able to identify the health risk, we can provide a first level support as a colleague or mentor at the workplace by preventing it from become a serious mental issue before we refer them to the professionals. Meanwhile, we need to know the professionals in counselling and psychology, who we can refer to and how to get help at our workplace or from other public resources. Join us to find out more!


Ken Shin
MSSc Social Science (Psychology)
Registered Counselor (LKM); PSMB TTT, 

Ken has more than 10 years in teaching psychology subjects and counseling and served as a part-time tutor and script marker (psychology subjects) at Wawasan Open University and Intern Correctional Counselor in Penjara Alor Setar in 2012.

His experience includes individual/group counselling, psychology and counselling workshop/talk (motivation, communication, personality, and sexual education), and art therapy for teens and adults (sand play therapy & colour communication).