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STAR Advanced PM Module: Managing High Complexity and High Risk (HCHR) Projects (2 days, 15 PDUs)


In today’s dynamic and performance-driven business environment, two of the very critical areas for ensuring organization continuous success and competitiveness in project delivery is the superiority in Project Complexity and Project Risk management. More and more organizations have realized that proactively managing the high complexity and high risk (HCHR) projects played an important role in making or breaking the project commitments to the customer and to differentiating them from their competitors in managing business and operation uncertainties.

It is no secret that the organization often engages in delivering HCHR projects that have experienced rife project delivery performance and faced significant triple-constraints (Time-Cost-Scope) challenges throughout the project’s life-cycle. The good news is that most organizations across the globe, awareness is emerging of the urgent need for improved delivery of projects that are complex, critical, often large and long term, and with high project costs. It has also found that conventional, commonly adopted project management tools and techniques, while still necessary, are often insufficient to manage the HCHR projects.

Project complexity often comes with higher uncertainties or risks, has no boundaries from small to large projects. Managing a complex project presents a series of challenges of greater magnitude than found in typical project management.

Most organizations and project practitioners find it challenging in building bench strengths and mastering the competencies in managing project complexity with success.

At the same time, it is apparent that the current project managers and the project-related© 2019 PMO Innovations Sdn Bhd, Page 2 workforce (architects, system engineers, developers, business analysts, supply chain, etc.) have limited capacity to meet the challenges posed by HCHR projects.

Thus, it is deemed necessary to acquire new project management techniques coupled with HCHR tailored made frameworks/models, processes and tools to address the gap of the conventional project management methodologies.


This course provides a quick refresh of the conventional PMI endorsed project management and risk management processes followed by the introduction of the HCHR framework. The HCHR Project Management Framework is designed with a five-step the process to systematically guide the project manager to manage and control the HCHR project for predictable performance.

The HCHR Project Management Framework:
(1) Define and Identify (DI),
(2) Diagnose and Analyze (DA),
(3) Complexity & Competency Mapping (CM),
(4) Proactive Planning (PP) and
(5) Adaptive Execution and Control (AEC)

By emphasizing proactive HCHR mindset and thinking, systematic multi-criteria planning approach, active and agile project life-cycle management, an HCHR project can then be well executed with predictable outcomes within the project constraints and complexity setting.
At the end of the course, all participants will be able to use the pragmatic and systematic HCHR framework and its five-steps process to manage the HCHR projects effectively for organization success.

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