Innovation is key for organizations who aspire to grow and remain business relevance in future. What have helped an organization be successful in the past could potentially be the cause of their failure in the future. Increasingly intense competition in fast-changing environment is forcing organizations to develop and innovate new manufacturing processes, services, products and business models. Delivering values to your customers and enhancing customers’ satisfactions are key in today's Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world.

For organizations who wish to have continued business success in future amid all the disruptions, they need to harness these emerging technologies; innovate, reinvent, adapt and transform themselves from business today to business tomorrow. The forth industrial revolution and COVID-19 not only brought about an unprecedented complexity, scale and multi-disciplinary technology, it also brought about the speed of change that we have never experienced in the past. 

Be the disruptor, rather than being disrupted!

Successful innovation comes from organization that engineered and organized themselves with the right resources and work culture, to turn creative ideas into new value propositions that exceed their customers’ expectations. Great ideas can’t exist in a vacuum, and they need to be collectively worked on by all, project managed into successful commercialize-able outcome that deliver business results to the stakeholders. 

How can I be more innovative? What are the innovation best practices? How do I nature and manage innovation in my organisation? To cap it all, innovation means different things to different people. What's your understanding?  


Step 1 - Where are you now?

Just like talent development professionals who conduct the training need analysis (TNA) prior to the enrolment of specific training programs, you need to know your baseline performance of key strengths and opportunities in innovation. There is no one size fits all approach. Every-one is unique and different!

At organisation level, Innovation Assessment provides a 360 view of your innovation capability and competency, prior to any intervention action. Our Innovation 360 trained licensed practitioner and consultant shall interpret your organisation's innovation foot-print and assessment results, before recommending the needed interventions.

At individual level, 6 ‘I’s® of Innovation profile assessment allows the individuals and teams to understand their strengths and opportunities. Thereby creating dynamic teams and team members to innovate more effectively with higher chances of success. 

For those professionals who want to earn accreditation, the International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP) offers numberous accreditation from Certified Professional Innovator, Certified Manager of Innovation, all the way to Certified Chief Innovation Officer. There is also a Malaysia Chapter of International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP) for those who share the same interest and passion.

Step 2 - Take Charge and Act !

If you do the same actions, you will get the same results. To transform, you must be prepared to step-out from your comfort zone, unlearn and relearn. To be effective, intervention actions have to be targeted at the opportunities area to optimise resources (and not approach in a blanket coverage manner).

We provide tailored training and coaching (remember everyone is different) for you and your organization to be more innovative and win over the competitions!

Step 3 - Embrace 4th Industrial Revolution! 

Assessment Tools:-

 Most of our programs are tailored made and customised. However, we do have some popular programs as listed.


    Instructor : Dr Khoh Soo Beng

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