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Project Leadership and Stakeholder Management (2 days, 15 PDUs)

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* Master the essential Leadership and Stakeholder Management skills to lead your team effectively!


As project practitioners, our time is mostly tied up with many project tasks, developing a project management plan, managing project risks, monitoring and controlling the activities, managing team issues, etc., to meet the project goals. We all want our projects to be successful, what other important areas we need to focus to ensure our projects meeting their goals and
stakeholder expectations? Based on research findings and experience, the most important areas are the “Project Leadership” and “Stakeholder Management” skills. This course will address these two important topics.


Key Learning Points Includes:

  • Understand the importance of Leadership in project management
  • Understand and acquire key leadership knowledge, concepts, and skills, practice the tools and techniques, and contribute to project success
  • Learn to create a leadership development plan and implement to workplace
  • Understand yourself and project team using a personality test
  • Learn key steps, tool and techniques to manage project stakeholders successfully
  • Ability to lead and manage stakeholders through effective communication, conflict management and negotiation skills
  • Understand and practice various conflict management skills and techniques
  • Able to utilize powerful negotiation skills and techniques

With the knowledge and skills acquired at the end of the training program, the trainees will learn key leadership and stakeholder management concepts, tool and techniques, and contribute to project success. This includes using effective communication, conflict resolution and negotiation skills. Gain an appreciation of the importance of a collaborative “win-win” conflict management and negotiation. The trainees will also gain a clear understanding of why communication is so important regardless of how a project is organized. And, discover how business and personal ethics can influence leadership style and personality.