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Yes, You Can Innovate - The Six ‘I’s® in ACTION !

At the dawn of the forth industrial revolution, innovation is key for organizations who aspire to grow and remain business relevance in future. What have helped an organization be successful in the past could potentially be the cause of their failure in the future. Increasingly intense competition in fast-changing environment is forcing organizations to develop and innovate new manufacturing processes, services, products and business models. Delivering values to your customers and enhancing customers’ satisfactions are key in today's Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world.

Staying true to the 4th industrial revolution, where data and results speak; there is no exception with Six ‘I’s®. Traversing the innovation funnel in rapid iterative agile cycles (non-linear), starting from why innovate (PURPOSE), knowing yourself (PROFILING), mindsets for innovation, coupled with industry case examples; participants are geared for a mind-blowing experience. 

Six ‘I’s® of Innovation is a non-linear, Agile enabled methodology that combines Design Thinking(DT) & Organisation Development (OD), complete with profiles assessment (Data driven approach) to innovate new products, processes, solutions etc. 

Here are what the participants's feedbacks.

"Yes, very practical. I get to know my strengths and skills to be improved.”

"I like the 6'I's® framework which helps me to improve myself and become innovative."

"I feel so excited to implement and practice 6‘I's® when I go back to my office."

"The systematic circular approach of 6'I's® will help a lot in nurturing innovation culture at work."

"Easy to understand and apply methodology for innovation."

"The 6- ‘I's® profile report is very useful for my workplace."

"A practical tool that I can use with my colleagues to form a more effective team with different ‘I’s.”

“I am leading a team and this is an ideal tool to further enhance the team engagement of different personnel.”

"I like the hands-on activities to drill in the concept and the emphasis in making sure the implementation of innovation.” 

"YYCI is a framework that guide us to think properly through all the vectors of the innovation cycle. It also highlighted the importance of partnering with others in the innovation journey."

Click the Yes-You-Can-Innovate! The Six Is® in Action brochure for further details. 

You can watch the video to understand the motivation behind when Natalie Turner invented the Six Is® of Innovation. 

The 2-day Programme is designed for organisations (refer Learning Objectives & Key Benefits) wanting to further develop employees’ innovation skills and mind-sets by applying them on a real business challenge. Individual and collective strengths around the Six ‘I’s® will be measured and reinforced to deepen understanding and embed learning.

  • To apply The Six ‘I’s® (including innovation tools, techniques and mindsets) to a real work challenge
  • To familiarise participants with core innovation concepts and how they apply within a work environment
  • To equip participants with a common framework for understanding innovation
  • To provide a guide map for making innovation practical and PURPOSE driven
  • To identify perceived strengths and areas of improvement around innovation skills and behaviours
  • To create an innovation-skills development plan

KEY BENEFITS to Organisation A range of value creating project ideas, pending input and effort post-workshop A common language for innovation that can be applied across a team or organisation A shared innovation framework for use on future innovation projects Post-workshop, the opportunity for each participant to follow through on an innovation- skills development plan (created in the workshop) A new sense of energy, purpose and confidence: that all employees can contribute to innovation efforts, based on their individual strengths You will discover your innovation strengths and develop action plans on the identified opportunities. Even if you were to see the same thing again, you will think differently. 

Every participant will get a Six ‘I’s® Standard Report worth US$60, a copy of the book "Yes, You Can Innovate! by Natalie Turner " and certificate.

Instructor : Dr Khoh Soo Beng, PhD, SMIEE, MIEM, MIET, MIAOIP

Promotion RM 1,800 [2days, 15PDUs claimable]