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The Industry 4.0 Transformation Initiative and Roadmap to Success Development

Since the launch of Malaysia National Policy on Industry 4.0, named Industry4WRD in 2018 by MITI, the Malaysian Manufacturing industry has been abuzz with excitement about Industry 4.o. Many incentive programs were made available by the Malaysian government to encourage the adoption of Industry4.0 and transform manufacturing. Every corner you turn, you will hear the Industry 4.0 word. It is a popular industry buzzword to date.

Industry4WRD introduced 11 key technology pillars that are touted as game-changers. Many manufacturing organisations have since responded and come on board the bandwagon of change to move up the advanced manufacturing value chains. At the same time, there are equally many organisations who are still grappling just to understand and learn these disruptive technologies; let alone leveraging them to create business values.

As we know, technology without application and value creation is pointless. In addition, technology introduction must be carefully planned with proper change management to ensure a smooth transition from business today to business tomorrow. With the infusion of technology, the work content and manufacturing tasks will not be the same as before. It is not just about adopting AI or IoT on the manufacturing floor, but a total redesign of the streamlined manufacturing work content to maximise output in a new way. This is a change initiative that must be program managed and staffed with the right team members, resources, objectives, as well as strong support from the senior leadership team and stakeholder. It cannot be done haphazardly, without proper planning.

  • Do you know how to jump-start Industry 4.0 as a change initiative?
  • Who should be involved and be part of the team?
  • What’s the end-in-mind?
  • How do we measure success?
  • Do we know where we are heading?
  • Are we in the blind leading the blind situation?
  • Where do I get HeLp?

The adoption and introduction of Industry 4.0 technology in an organisation is a complex project by itself. Failing to recognise and address this as a change management process often leads to the Industry 4.0 initiative unable to continue after the pilot implementation. You cannot simply throw things on the wall and see which one sticks. It doesn’t work that way. However, a carefully designed Industry 4.0 initiative that is aligned with the organisation’s purpose (vision, mission, strategic aspirations, values) and its people to achieve the intended business value propositions has demonstrated a higher chance of success beyond the pilot phase. An organisation’s success depending hugely on the people behind it, and not solely on the technology.


The Industry 4.0 initiative program is designed to help participants transition from business today to business tomorrow with confidence. It addresses a complete 360 views of people, process and technology in industry 4.0 adoption in a flipped classroom workshop setup. By the end of the course, participants can :

  • understand The Change Objective and Purpose
  • appraise and baseline the current organization
  • crystalise the strategic intent and aspiration of the organisation
  • describe and articulate with consensus on the desired future and business tomorrow
  • develop and align key deliverables and business case with stakeholders
  • Formulate the Industry 4.0 Transformation Initiative Program with o defined scope and key deliverables, complete with S.M.A.R.T. goals
    • >assemble and develop a team using the forming–storming–norming–performing model
    • >develop a high level project plan, Gantt chart, Level
    • >WBS, Resource Allocation, Stakeholder management, risk identifications/mitigations
  • Understand the Change Model and change behaviours
  • Develop success measurement metrics
  • Develop New Operating Normal and roadmap to success
  • A running Industry 4.0 change initiative project