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IAOIP Certified Professional Innovator (CPI) Boot Camp

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* Understand the science of innovation and be a knowledgeable innovation professional
* Boot camp led by Innovation Expert with vast industry experience
* Attain the globally recognized Certified Professional Innovator (CPI) credential from IAOIP!


In today’s digital and evolving economy, the ability to drive innovation and unlock new sources of value is key to delighting customers and outperforming the competition. Securing this edge requires leaders and employees who can effectively leverage innovation techniques to create radical and compelling new products, services and solutions.  This course allows the participants to work through the essentials of innovation and offer immediate benefits to their organization. 

The International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP) has designed the Certified Professional Innovator certification to cover the most essential concepts of innovation. This certification is the first step in enabling candidates to work their way progressively through to advanced levels in innovation, strategies, tools and techniques. Attendees will learn about the most common tools they can use to effect immediate improvement in their organizations.


The International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP) is the world’s only Innovation Certification Body, and fully networked innovation professional community to deliver Innovation tools and collaboration across nations, industries, governments, and academia.  Some of the representative organisations are shown here. IAOIP’s Innovation Certifications validate that the holder has the proven innovation science, concepts and tools knowledge to drive meaningful innovation and the related results and successes in their organizations, communities, and world.   IAOIP is the only US TAG group for ISO 279, in developing and driving THE global Standards in innovation.  You are welcome to join IAOIP and the Malaysian Chapter.

“The best way to create the future is to walk the LIT (Learning, Innovating and Thriving) path, today”

Innovation - here, there, everywhere!

Innovation is imperative for any organisation or function to add values to its customers and stakeholders. Undoubtedly the capability to innovate and to bring innovation successfully to market will be a crucial determinant of the global competitiveness of organisations over the coming decade. Every organisation, large or small, mature or start-up, must continuously drive for performance improvements, profit and growth through innovation.

You probably came across the word “innovation” at your workplace, journal articles, social media, and business news. Everyone talks about it!  The internet is abuzz with it. What exactly is innovation ?

Everyone has her/his own interpretation and understanding about innovation. As working professional, is there a way of differentiating yourselves from those who know the word, versus someone who really know beyond the innovation buzzword, and able to practice and contribute?  Fret no more! Be an in-valuable certified innovation professional to help your organisation and yourself thrive in this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment.

Certified Professional Innovator (CPI) Certification

The International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP) Certified Professional Innovator (CPI) certification is designed to cover the most essential concepts of innovation and elevate yourself with internationally recognised certification. IAOIP has designed the certification process to progressively assess knowledge workforce who work their way through from fundamentals to advanced levels in innovation, strategies, tools and techniques. It is oriented toward someone who would like to advance their career by learning more about the mechanics and science of innovation, through the concepts that should be mastered by anyone wishing to be a contributing part of an innovation team.

An IAOIP Certified Professional Innovator demonstrates that you have the knowledge on the science of innovation, and the ability to use relevant tools and techniques appropriately that are integral in completing your innovation projects. The Certified Professional Innovator (CPI) Certification is the first of 10 exams that need to be passed to become certified at the more advanced level, such as the Certified Innovation Officer.  


This programme aims to equip the participants with the innovation science knowledge needed to contribute as part of an innovation team, as well as to prepare the participants with the needed knowledge to excel in the IAIOP Certified Professional Innovator (CPI) Certification. It is designed as an intensive course to prepare the participants in mastering the fundamental innovation concepts and tools required by the Certified Professional Innovator (CPI) Certification.  

The objectives are:-

  • To provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the innovation science and concepts, that they can use to effect an immediate improvement in their organisations.
  • To provide participants with the skills necessary to evaluate (and use) the right tool or approach for any given situation in their innovation journeys.
  • To expose the participants with the concepts, tools and techniques within the scope of IAOIP Certified Professional Innovator (CPI) Certification exam


  • IAOIP Certified Professional Innovator (CPI) Certification.
  • P. Gupta, B. Trusko, Global Innovation Science Handbook (ISBN-13: 978-0071792707).

  • Professionals, Engineers, ICT Specialists, Technologists and knowledge talent who aspire to be an innovator, and wish to build a culture of innovation within their organizations. 


  • A 3-Day programme consists of teaching/learning and hands-on case study.
  • Inclusive of IAOIP Membership and Certification Exam Fees 


  • Anyone who aspires to be an innovator, and willingness to unlearn and relearn.
Why IAOIP Certification and not others?

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