Evening Talks (Complimentary, 2 PDUs)

Complimentary Evening Talk (2 PDUs)
Stress: Epidemic in 21st Century
Date: 20 May 2021 (Thu)
Time: 7.30 pm ~ 9.30 pm
Venue: Online Live @ Cloud 

In the 21st century, stress is epidemic.  It damages our health, our work, our relationships. It destroys families, businesses, and lives. It costs corporations more that 300 billion dollars every year in health costs, absenteeism and poor performance.  And one in three adults suffers from the effects of unmanaged stress.  More people are seeking therapy and medical treatment for stress-related issues than ever before, and companies are reaching out for help.

In this evening talk, it will cover the topics below:

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Speaker Profile
PMP, Certified Stress Management Consultant (CSMC)
Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt), Certified Life Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner

Kelvin is a certified PMP, as he was a technical project manager in a MNC, and is the founder of Mind Navi Consultation, providing emotional support and personal life goal coaching, consulting and hypnotherapy service. He is actively involved in training, consulting and also volunteering in suicide prevention charity organization for past 10 years.   Kelvin is recognized by the International Association of Counseling and Therapy (IACT) as Certified Stress Management Consultant and Hypnotherapist. He is also a consulting hypnotist, certified by National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and American Union of NLP (AUNLP) certified life coach.