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Evolution of Vehicle Electronics Towards Smart Connected And Autonomous Vehicles

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By Dr. SB Khoh
Online Live: 30 Jun 2020 (Thu), 7.30 pm ~ 9.30 pm.
With the advent of the electronics and semiconductor technology for automotive use, today's modern vehicles not only many folds more efficient than their predecessors, but it is also a state-of-art innovation masterpiece that provides us with commuting convenience.  Modern cars' mechanics are now relying more on their OBD-II computer diagnostic tools, rather than the screw-drivers, spanners and wrenchers of their mechanical predecessors. As we welcome the dawn of smart connected and autonomous vehicle, there are a series of technical challenges that need to be overcome in order to achieve a reliable and successful roll-out.  
This talk will illuminate on the evolution of vehicle electronics from the replacement of carburettors with fuel injectors, to the introduction of embedded controller based ABS, EBD, cruise controls, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), and smart autonomous and connected vehicles. An overview of the in-vehicle networks such as CAN, LIN, MOST and latest automotive in-vehicle networks; and the technical challenges associated with smart connected and autonomous vehicles shall be presented.
Speaker Profile


He has > 28 years of experience in a wide spectrum of roles in design, manufacturing, IT, 6-Sigma, software architect, program management, and innovation in Fortune 500 MNCs based in Malaysia and abroad. His experience include real-time embedded systems, automotive Controller Area Network (CAN) bus- now known as Internet of Things (IoT), digital dashboards, knowledge management, Lean, Six Sigma methodologies & tools, product design & development, design thinking and innovation. He helped Rockwell Automation (formerly Allen Bradley) with DeviceNet design and Conformance Test Specification.

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